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Professional Tax Practitioner (SA)

SARS values a strong professional relationship with tax practitioners who play a key role in providing service for our taxpayers.

This section contains the most recent information from SARS. It will help you serve your clients better and increase tax compliance culture.

A person can practice taxation once they have been approved by both SARS or a recognised controlling body. Once you have registered your tax practitioner profile, clients that are acquired can be added to the tax practitioner's account.

If the tax account has been maintained properly, the tax preparer can be notified via e-filing any correspondence, such as extra assessments of income tax and notifications of audits. The tax practitioner can use this information to manage clients effectively by getting notifications immediately and plan for their next steps. The delay could be prevented if the tax practitioner is working on efiling throughout the day, and manages the nifty functionary.

SARS won't assist tax practitioners to file returns at branch offices on behalf of third parties, unless there are exceptional circumstances. The reason is that the tax practitioner does not need the branch office to file the return and the client pays the fee. 

Tax Practitioners To Help With Your Tax Returns and Tax Problems

To facilitate the transfer of tax types between tax practitioners, taxpayers and registered representatives of eFiling, the Tax Type Transfer Process for Provisional and Personal Income Tax has been improved.

This enhancement requires the taxpayer to approve the transfer of tax to the requestor.

A SMS or an email will be sent to the taxpayer/registered representative of that tax type. The recipient must then approve the transfer request.

Once the taxpayer has either 'Accepted or 'Declined’ the transfer request, a notification will be sent.

If the person requesting the tax transfer isn't a tax practitioner registered or the representative registered for the taxpayer, it will not be allowed.

There are many types of taxes. These include income tax, VAT and PAYE as well as dividend withholding taxes. These different types can be shared among clients and tax consultants so both have easy access to them.

South Africa's Tax Consultants

The Corporate Income Tax Audit Letters (CIT), will indicate the actual submission dates. Refunds or higher assessments may be possible if you fail to meet the deadlines.

In 2020, the eFiling tax type transfer process for personal income products was revised as part of ongoing improvements to eFiling. This update gave the taxpayer full control over their eFiling profile. Any transfer request to view taxpayer profiles requires the approval or rejection of the registered representative or taxpayer.

SARS will continue the process for the other tax products as well as all entities that transact on eFiling.

SARS audits verify that everything is done properly and to confirm the amount and validity of claims. They will either disallow the claim or issue assessments if they're not satisfied.

An objection that is not properly addressed can lead to an assessment being finalized and no remedy can be taken. Therefore, it is important to make the objection within SARS rules.

SARS can penalize you if your returns are late or not filed. Our experts can negotiate penalties and help you manage your taxes with less stress.




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