Tax Specialist Professional Tax Planner and Preparer

Planning and Preparing for Tax

In all businesses, decisions are made and executed only to later be confronted with a tax event that was not planned for. You do not have to deal with this on your own, our experts can comfortably assist and guide you to a more favorable position.

Fiduciary and Tax Specialist

For any tax advice related to concluded transactions, including assessments raised by SARS, decisions already taken by SARS and tax refunds, contact us

With the increased complexity relating to the completion of tax returns, be it for individuals or for a company, it has become important to ensure absolute accuracy of the information completed on a tax return. If you need assistance with the completion of a tax return or the even only the review there of, let our tax consultants ensure that your tax return is completed accurately.

At a minimum, tax specialists fill out the necessary forms for their clients or for the businesses in which they work. More experienced tax specialists review the work of others, while senior-level tax professionals help set tax policies, ensure compliance and advise executive leadership on best practices and emerging issues related to tax.

Tax Specialist - Company Tax

Tax specialists work with individuals, small businesses, and large companies on tax-related issues. They are responsible for researching and understanding the implications of relevant tax laws, as well as meeting clients to gather information and explain their options. These specialist also meet with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and customs officials on behalf of the client, and they complete different tax forms and audit their clients' tax records.

For any tax advice related to proposed or planned transaction, including business sales, corporate restructurings or even as simple as the selling of property contact us.

Tax specialists can work at a variety of levels and in a variety of settings, including corporations, nonprofits and government agencies. They can also work as private, individual practitioners.

Tax Specialist - New Business Sales Consultant

We solve tax problems. Whilst we offer a wide and diverse range of tax services, they are all ultimately aimed at one thing – solving some form of tax problem. Tax problems come in many shapes and forms. Our service offerings are designed to be solutions for typical tax problems but they are by no means exhaustive. If you have a tax problem, contact us for assistance. Chances are we will be able to solve the problem as we have for many other clients.

As a Professional Tax Specialists (SA), you can register with SARS as a practitioner in terms of the new Tax Administration Act. You can also perform all the services performed by a Professional Tax Practitioner (SA), which includes registering all tax types and preparing and filing tax returns for individuals for all types of businesses including a VAT tax consultant. Additionally, you can represent taxpayers in court, write tax opinions, and mediate tax disputes. In short, for any kind of tax issues, you will be there to help those who do not understand taxes.

Professional Tax Specialist (SA)

  • Preparation and calculation of the yearly income tax return together with all supporting schedules and submission thereof to SARS
  • Calculation of bi-annual provisional tax and submission of returns to SARS - this includes other SARS related returns.
  • Complete the South African Income Tax calculation & deferred tax calculations as per IFRS in required MIF reporting format for accounting purposes.
  • Drafting of tax notes to the annual financial statements as per IFRS.
  • Assistance and execution of any ad hoc tasks required from time to time with regards to accounting and taxes.
  • Dealing with all SARS correspondence and queries, including the obtaining of relevant tax clearance certificates.
  • Keep up to date with latest tax regulations and practices - this includes IFRS.

Planning business or personal financial decisions prior to execution will always be beneficial. This is crucial to ensure that you are prepared for any tax consequence arising from your business or personal decisions. Plan ahead to ensure you are fully in the clear for what may come.

The term “tax specialist” can refer to a variety of positions and roles – tax accountants, tax advisors, tax preparers, tax managers, small business tax consultant, etc. However, one thing all of these jobs have in common is the need for expertise in tax. They utilize this expertise to guide companies and clients through increasingly complex and labyrinthine tax rules and regulations.




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