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South African laws and regulations regarding VAT are dispersed throughout statutes. They include binding general rulings. notices. court judgements. There are also unique features specific to South Africa. The process of understanding and applying the South African VAT laws can prove difficult for the untrained and often costly. It can be hard to find quality advice from a VAT consultant that will help you navigate the South African regulatory landscape. The turnaround time for large accounting and law firms can be slow and expensive. Many smaller firms lack the resources to handle complex legal problems that can arise when applying South African VAT laws and laws to real-world issues.

We have the experience and expertise to offer VAT advice that is comparable or better than those provided by larger companies. However, our professional rates are much less expensive. Our personal tax consultant and personal tax consultants rates are also more affordable. We use a pragmatic approach to help you find solutions that will add value to your company and stay within the limits of what is allowed and required by law.

VAT Consulting Services

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As experiences VAT consulting services we have a solid understanding of South African VAT laws, tax efiling and regulations, but our professional team also has experience in dealing with the real issues and practical problems associated with South African VAT. We don't just look at the problem, but we also seek practical solutions. Like most other foreign countries, South Africa is fraught with risk and uncertainty. We can help reduce the VAT risk associated with doing business in South Africa or via South Africa.


We have the experience and expertise to see that SARS is following a certain trend in how they approach VAT refunds. We as VAT tax consultants have learned how to expedite the process without causing unnecessary delay.

Most compliant taxpayers believe they have been mistreated in regards to their VAT refunds. Partly this may be due to the combination of administrative delays, a declining economy and perceptions that SARS is owing you money. The Tax Ombud has issued a damning report about the subject due to these ever-increasing complains and other theories.


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South African businesses are aware of their South African VAT obligations. However, VAT is usually handled as part of an accounting function for your company. This means that issues are often identified later than they were when they first arose. SARS will usually request an IT14SD or external auditors raise concerns. Like corporate income tax, VAT should also be managed proactively.

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VAT Consulting and Compliance Services

SARS can treat this tax in a way that's not explained, especially within VAT. This could cause a lot of problems for taxpayers. SARS seems to think that it is not enough for taxpayers be compliant to get their refunds. SARS requires that taxpayers comply with all requirements. Any minor mistake could result in the denial of a refund.




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