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Tax returns don't have to be difficult or complicated. We can help you take the hassle out of taxes by filing and auditing your tax returns.
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Tax returns don't have to be difficult or complicated. We can help you take the hassle out of taxes by filing and auditing your tax returns.

Experts in tax, tax consultants can help individuals and companies file and return tax returns. Tax consultants ensure that their clients are able to pay taxes efficiently and take advantage of any exemptions or tax benefits. They also follow all regulations and rules. The tax consultant is up-to-date on changes in tax law and can explain complex legislation to clients.

South Africa's top tax consultants and practitioners

SureCare offers all services in tax, including registration of all tax types and preparation and filing tax returns for both individuals and businesses. We can also prepare returns and files employee returns and our VAT consulting services will take care of your VAT returns.

To optimize your accounting structure, Holistic Accounting Solutions can help you from the beginning. This includes outsourced payroll.

Are you completing your tax returns?

Create tax strategies and help clients plan for the future. Tax consultants perform detailed calculations to determine tax liabilities, prepare tax returns within the deadlines, and communicate with SARS for their clients. Many self-employed tax advisors offer a variety of accounting services to their clients, including bookkeeping, payroll, and VAT. Major taxation and accounting firms, major financial institutions, legal firms, multinational corporations, government departments and trusts, as well as individuals, recruit a tax practitioner.

Tax specialists who specialize in all areas of South African tax law.

The foundation of our business is made up of permanent and highly-skilled tax specialists who are capable and willing to be innovative and productive in a changing tax environment. We have a well-balanced team that delivers best-in-market solutions to our clients.

Fiscal Compliance or Jail

All taxpayers should be aware of the criminalization of negligent non-compliance. This and other administrative modifications will make it more difficult for taxpayers to comply with tax laws. The attitudes towards tax are shifting. All sizes of organizations are more vulnerable to emerging trends in tax regulation.

Do not just hire the first person you see who claims to know how to file your tax returns. Tax practitioners are a person, or company, that files a tax return for third parties. They must be registered with SARS and a controlling body.

How do you find a competent tax consultant?

To be a tax consultant, you must be friendly with clients and build trust. Knowing your client will allow you to help them and them with their accounting and tax needs.

There are many types of taxes. These include income tax, VAT and PAYE as well as dividend taxes. These different types can be shared among clients and tax professionals so both have easy access to them.

SARS audits verify that everything is done properly and to confirm the amount and validity of claims. They will either disallow the claim or issue assessments if they're not satisfied.

SARS can penalize you if your returns are late or not filed. Our experts can negotiate penalties and help you manage your taxes with less stress.

If the tax account has been maintained properly, the tax practitioner can be notified via e-filing any correspondence, such as extra assessments of income tax and notifications of audits. The tax practitioner can use this information to manage clients effectively by getting notifications immediately and plan for their next steps. The delay could be prevented if the tax practitioner is working on efiling throughout the day, and also manages the handy functionary.

To provide the most accurate tax advice for our clients, tax consultants keep abreast of all developments in taxation. Registered tax professionals with the Receiver of Revenue, (SARS).


  • Submit income tax returns
  • Application and Collection of Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Companies can register for VAT and income tax
  • Planning for tax
  • Application and Collection of Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Companies can register for VAT and income tax


Business tax consultants are financial experts with extensive knowledge and training in tax law. These advisors are often retained to reduce taxation and comply with law in complex financial situations.

Our services include bookkeeping, setup and support of accounting systems, payroll system, management reports, annual financial statements, and consulting.

A business tax consultant can help businesses structure things so that they have a lower tax burden than the tax it would otherwise have to pay. A business tax consultant also files and completes the returns of businesses.

For any business owner, bookkeeping is essential. Some small business owners think that bookkeeping doesn't matter to them because they earn less or are not good at numbers. A small business owner may forget to bookkeeping because they are often required to do multiple tasks, such as handling customers, sales, and procuring product.

Although it might seem like a tedious task, bookkeeping is an essential part of running a small business. If you don't know how to properly do your bookkeeping or have the time, it is a good idea to hire small business bookkeeping services. Although it might seem like an extra cost, there are many benefits to this service.




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